Chatbot builder – project is a service for creating and operating chatbots. It is based on communication scenarios processed using AI libraries Tensorflow, Keras, Numpy.

Group Officeenterprise CRM, ERP ODOO is a groupware tool. Share projects, calendars, files and emails online with colleagues and clients in an ERP that includes customer relationship management, e-commerce, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management and inventory management.

Jupyter  is the python interactive development environment for notebooks, code, and data. Its flexible interface allows users to configure and arrange workflows in data science, scientific computing, computational journalism, and machine learning.

Minecraft server – a computer game that takes place in an open world where the player has unlimited freedom of movement and action. I host a small Minecraft server, Click the link to verify the activity. Port 25565 only.

Unity Game  – 3D game demo programming in UNITY game engine, use freely available asset environment and also C# codes. After starting the carousel, start the selected game.

Zoogle – is a full-text search engine for searching words and phrases in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, TXT documents of local files or on web pages. Searching for the best use of documentation archives in local files or websites.

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