– Computers, mechatronics, cybernetics, programming
– Fractals and theories of chaos as complexity ,self-organization
– Neural networks ,Deep Machine Learning,  Artificial intelligence
– Relativistic and quantum physics, modern cosmology
– Everything about genius inventor Nikola Tesla
– Martial arts
– Synchronicity , transurfing
– Guitar and keyboard music ,my composition in
– 3D printing and post-processing , visit  gallery

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Abbyss, Aliens, Contact, Matrix trilogy, Fight club, Flash Forward, Fringe, Eureka, Acts X ,Lost, 12 monkeys, Vikings

Mysterious Universe , Ancient Aliens, Megabuilds, D.Attenborough nature documents  …

Music: Rock, Blues, Jazz

Shadows of the mind – R.Penrose
Cycles of Time – R.Penrose
The Nonlinear WorkBook – Willi-Hans Steeb
The Electric Universe – W Thornhill, D Talbott
Radio astronomy – A.Faulkner
Universe as hologram – M.Talbot
The Hyperspace – M.Kaku
New Theories of Everything – J.D.Barrow
Parallels universe – M.Kaku
The new quantum universe – T.Hey,P.Walters
The Golden Ratio – M.Livio
The Life and Times of Nikolai Tesla – M.J.Seifer
Unraveling the mysteries of the universe’s hidden dimensions – L.Randall
The hypothesis of morphic resonance – R.Shaldrake
The Tao of physics – F.Capra
The Divine Matrix – Gregg Braden
Prisons of Light or Black Holes – K.Ferguson
The Objects fractals – B.Mandelbrot
The shortcut through Time , quantum computing – G.Johnson
Frontiers of Complexity – P.Coveney R.Highfield
Feynman prednášky z fyziky – R.P.Feynman
Introduction to Theory of  Fields – D.Zoul
Quantum soul – R.Szeruda
Transurfing 1 … 11 – V.Zeland
Trans personálna psychológia – S.Grof
Holotropic soul – S.Grof
Psychotropic Shamanism – J.DeKorne
Shamanism Paleolithic- S.Sázelová
Mysterious mushrooms – M.Oborník
Toltec wisdom – A.Hardman
The four agreements – M.Ruiz